Renny Meets His Cousins [Free Extra Scene]


Renny Meets His Cousins

~Renny is from Vamp Mates 1~

Renny Woolsey paced the rich blue carpet of his hotel suite. Would his cousins like him or would they be mean to him like some many of the kids he’d been in foster care with? Maybe he shouldn’t meet them. He had Zav, his mate. That was enough, right?

“Ren, stop pacing before you ruin the carpet and stop worrying about meeting your cousins. From what Zotikos found out, most of them are nice elves.” Zavier Thorpe pulled Ren over to a large mirror. “Who wouldn’t love a hot guy like you?” Zav’s brows drew together. “None of them are bringing friends, are they? I can’t have any vultures circling you. You belong to me.”

Opening his senses, Renny searched his vampire mate. The man was pulsing with love for Ren. A love the vamp had yet to openly admit. Another feeling coming from Zav was a touch of jealousy. That was new, but then with him going to college they didn’t get out very much.

“Calm down. Today is all about me meeting my cousins. They aren’t supposed to be bringing any friends.”  He couldn’t stop the worry that settled in his chest and turned his stomach into a boiling cauldron. “What if they don’t like me? My history with people is not pretty.”

A pair of shiny, sharp fangs sprang from Zav’s gums. “I won’t let them hurt you.”

Ren could feel Zav’s need to help him, and from experience, he knew what his mate was going to do. Before every college test, they went through the same steps.

He closed his eyes and let the feel of Zav’s lips kissing a path to his neck begin the calming process. Strong hands pulled Ren’s body backward. Solid muscle pressed into Ren’s back causing him to shiver in pleasure. He knew exactly what his vampire mate could do with all that strength. The man was skilled.

When he felt the prick of fangs sinking into his neck, Ren focused on what skill his mate was demonstrating at the moment. Peace washed over him. A shiver danced down his spine and had him moaning. Nothing felt as good as the bite of his mate. The bite could induce peace, healing, pain, or sexual pleasure. He was addicted to Zav, and he had no desire to go to rehab. The swipe of a caressing tongue over his neck snapped Ren from his thoughts.

Zav sniffed Ren’s neck and then whispered, “Once the gathering is over, I plan on dining on you.”

The calm he’d been feeling started to turn into desire.

“Not now, little one. Try to stay calm as long as you can.” Zav looked at Ren through the mirror. “It’s going to be all right. Let’s go so we can beat the others to the Ocean Wave room.”

Ren adjusted his shirt. “You’re right. Let’s go.” It’s going to be okay.

The room was magazine perfect. Just like the rest of the rooms in Blue Water Luxury Hotels. Through the row of large windows, you could see real waves rippling the water at the beach near the hotel. The layout of this room was perfect for relaxed talking in the first part of the room. Past the leather couches, chairs, and loveseats was a dining area. The table was set as if royalty was about to dine. The owner took luxury seriously.

Two tall, handsome men and a very pregnant female walked in a side door and started inspecting the room. When one of the men saw them, the man nudged his companions and they all headed toward them.

“Hello, I’m Troy and this is my wife, Branda, and my brother, Trey. Welcome to our hotel.” Troy smiled and dimples appeared in his cheeks.

This man is hot and so is Troy’s replica brother. They must be twins.

“Hello, I’m Zavier and this is Renny. We have this room reserved. It looks perfect for our needs.” Zavier’s pale-green eyes quickly scanned the room.

“That’s wonderful to hear. We stopped by to check on the room ourselves. It never pays to be lazy.” Trey smiled, revealing identical dimples to his brother’s.

“I have a question.” At Troy’s nod, Ren continued. “Is the staff for our gathering open-minded? We are a couple and one of my female cousins is bringing her wife.” He really hoped these owners didn’t just hire anyone. His stomach couldn’t handle any more stress.

“I understand your concern. That is never a problem at our hotels. We only hire open-minded staff who have signed a contract that  ensures they are nice to everyone in and around the hotel and that they don’t talk about what they see at the hotel.” Troy put his arm around his wife’s shoulders. “Branda is married to me, but in her heart, she is also married to Trey.”

“I’m lucky to be loved by two wonderful men.” She looked at him and Zav. “You two are a handsome couple.”

“Thanks. You three are a striking trio. Congratulations on the baby. When is the little one due?” Ren couldn’t help but look at Branda’s cute baby bump.

“Any day now. We are more than ready for him to appear.” Branda smoothed a hand over her extended abdomen.

Trey interlaced his fingers with Branda’s. “If you need anything, let our staff know and they’ll take care of it or get in touch with us if necessary. We’ll be here in our office for the next few hours.”

Ren felt so much better since meeting the owners. His senses revealed that they were genuinely kind people. He also sensed that they were somehow connected to the paranormal world. “Thanks, you’ve eased my mind greatly.”

Troy nodded toward the door. “It looks like your guests are arriving. Enjoy your stay.” The three owners exited through the side door they’d entered. A part of him wished he could go with them.

He looked at the doorway and sure enough two women had just walked in and were looking around. From the pictures he’d seen, he thought it was his cousin Reagan and her mate, Shea. With butterflies dancing in his stomach, he let Zav lead him to the grinning women.

“Renny, you are adorable, cuz. This is Shea, my beautiful mate.” Reagan was just a touch taller than Renny. She grabbed him up and hugged him tightly for a few moments.

Shea smiled and hugged Renny. “This is your cousin, Reagan.”

“Sorry, I guess I got too excited and forgot to introduce myself.” Reagan’s gaze moved over and up. “I take it you’re Zavier.” She held out her hand.

Zavier shook her hand. “Yes. It’s good to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Reagan’s smile shone in her brown eyes. Renny realized her eyes were just like his. She was family.

Shea stepped forward and hugged Zavier. “We are excited about meeting both of you.” The small elf stepped back and looked Renny and Zavier over with her awesome dark green eyes. The light green flecks in them sparkled like jewels. “You two are a handsome couple. Your babies will be beautiful.”

“Shea! We agreed not to talk about babies tonight.” Reagan frowned down at her mate.

“They are so cute, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Forgive her, please. My mate has baby fever. In the near future we’d like to have children.” Reagan’s face softened as she looked at her mate.

Babies equaled family. The thought of a big family strummed Renny’s heartstrings. “I like the thought of babies.”

Zav gently squeezed Renny’s hand. “We can talk about it later.”

He opened his senses, and his love for Zav burned brighter when he felt Zav’s excitement at the thought of having babies. The feel of others excitement drew his attention. A couple walked in holding hands.

Reagan nodded toward the door. “That’s Sidney and Summer. The woman entering behind them is Elana.” With a wave of her hand, Reagan called them all over. “The guy that just came in is Terron,” she added when a dark-haired man entered.

Renny and Zavier were once again swept up in a round of hugs and greetings. After being around his family for several minutes, he started feeling overwhelmed. Emotions closed in on him. Excitement, love, happiness, boredom, and something odd he couldn’t place. They were asking too many painful questions. Who had he lived with as a child? Had he been happy? What was he going to school for? Did he remember his dad? What was his mom like?

Zav straightened, which had him towering even more over all of them. The vampire excused them and led Ren out the door and into the hallway. Zav sat on a loveseat and pulled Ren onto his lap. “You seemed a little stressed. Do you need me to give you a quick shot?” The vampire wiggled his eyebrows eagerly.

A smile curled his lips. He was grateful for having a mate that was thoughtful. “Not right now, thanks. I just feel so weird. It’s strange to suddenly be around family. I see that I resemble several of them, but I feel like such a stranger.”

Strong fingers threaded their way into Renny’s hair. He sank into his mate’s touch. “To a point, you are a stranger to them. That won’t last long, though. Today is a step in their direction. Do you feel somewhat close to any of them?”

He didn’t need to think about his answer. “Reagan and Shea. I feel light-hearted around them. I got a strange vibe from Elana, but everything was happening so quickly, I couldn’t concentrate on her enough to tell what it was.”

Leaning in, Zav brushed his lips across Renny’s lightly kissing him. “See. You’re already bonding with some of them. Focus on that. Give it time, Ren.”

“You’re right. I just started feeling a bit out of place for a minute.” The past had proven repeatedly that Renny was an outcast. The fear that he’d be one among his kin was suffocating.

“I can make you feel better.” Zav grinned, showing his fangs.

Meeting most of his cousins had depleted a lot of the calmness he’d been feeling. To finish the evening without doing or saying something dumb or strange, he could use some help. Ren looked into Zav’s pale green eyes and nodded. He tilted his head exposing his neck.

A low growl came from Zav right before his fangs sank into one of Ren’s plump vessels. A tremor of pleasure pulled a moan from him. He tightened his arms around Zav’s wide shoulders and groaned when he was flooded with peace and calm.

“This is my kind of party.”

The sound of a humor-filled voice had Ren gasping in surprise and Zav moving to protectively shield his mate.

The man’s green eyes gleamed with mirth. “I’m Marko Woolsey. From the photos I’ve seen, I’m guessing you’re Zavier and the man you’re protecting is my cousin, Renny.”

Renny gently pushed Zav aside and stood. “You’d be right.” Renny held his hand out to Marko. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Marko’s grin widened and he wrapped Ren in a tight hug. “It’s good to meet you as well. Both of you.” He released Ren and hugged Zavier.

“How did you sneak up on us?” Ren asked. Laughter poured from Marko. The sound called to Renny. It was so genuine and refreshing.

“I have the gift of being able to cloak my scent and vital signs. Since you two were getting busy, it was easy to silently approach you.” Marko’s eyes lit up. “It was a rather hot scene. Feel free to make out in front of me anytime.”

“We weren’t making out. He was just helping me,” Renny defended quickly. He really didn’t want his family to think of him as a man-ho.

“Whatever you say, cuz. It was still hot. I can’t wait to be mated. The passion is going to be all-consuming. Hotter than anything I’ve ever experienced before.” Marko shivered at his own words.

Renny immediately liked the man. They headed into the room with the others and the evening continued. For the next hour they sat in the lounge area and talked about how everyone’s families were connected. Some even had photos of Ren’s dad that they promised to snap a picture of and send to him. That made Ren sad and glad. If only his dad and mom had lived longer. Ren’s life would have been so different. Zav’s hand rubbed circles on his back. That little gesture reminded him that he was no longer alone.

The servers came in through the side door and started putting food on the table. When the head waiter signaled Zavier, he announced, “Dinners beginning. Let’s move to the table.”

After they were all settled and halfway finished with the first course, Renny turned to Reagan who was sitting next to him. “I’ve never been in a room with so many elves.” It was a rush being among his own kind.

“It is different than being surrounded by humans. No weaklings here.” Reagan winked at him.

That was true, Renny thought to himself. Like vampires, each elf had different powers and levels of that power. He didn’t feel very powerful. Not like Zavier. His mate was awesome.

“Yeah, being with paranormals is great. We should show one of our talents. I’m fast.” Terron left his chair and sped around the room. He was back in his seat before Renny’s hair stilled from the air current the elf made as he’d zipped by.

“That was amazing.” Renny felt like he’d just been passed by Superman.

“Show them what you can do, Elana,” Summer encouraged.

“I can tell you all the ingredients in food.” Elana touched her potatoes with her fork. “These have red potatoes, evaporated milk, chopped red onions, butter, gruyere cheese, parmesan and red pepper cheese, bacon, salt, and black pepper.”

“Good, now I know what to use when I remake these at home,” Summer stated with a huge grin. She turned to her husband. “You next, babe.”

“Okay, I can hear really well.” Sidney tilted his head and closed his eyes. A smile crossed his face a moment later. “Some of the employees are anxious to see a person named Branda’s baby. Others are taking ten-dollar bets on if it’s going to be a boy or a girl.”

“Oh, Branda is one of the owners. She was just here a while ago looking radiant and ready to give birth.” Renny couldn’t help but grin at the employees for taking bets on the baby’s gender. Life is hard. People need to have fun when they can. Just like we are tonight.

“You next, my love.” Sidney kissed Summer’s hand, causing her to blush.

“I don’t have anything to show you two. My main talent is that I naturally know which ingredients to put together to make the best bath salts, facials, candles, and oils. Each has a purpose. Healing, calming, sexual pleasure, the list goes on and on.”

“That’s right. I’d forgotten about your talent. When I decide where to put a grocery store, I’ll have a whole aisle dedicated to your products, if you’d like.” Excitement lit Marko’s eyes.

A blush washed over Summer’s cheeks. “I’d like that. Just let me know and we’ll work out the details.”

Marko nodded to Summer and then turned to Renny and Zavier. “You two already know about my stealth, but I also enjoy running a store. What can you do, Zavier?”

Zavier smirked. “I can kill quickly.”

They all stared at the vampire for a long moment and then burst out laughing.

When the laughter died down, Marko asked, “What can you do, Renny?”

A light squeeze to his thigh had him looking at his mate. The love in Zavier’s pale-green eyes gave him the courage to share his secret. “When I focus on people, I can tell if they are good or not.”

“Whoo, that sounds like fun. Check us out and tell us what you find.” Reagan rubbed her hands together excitedly.

Getting caught up in her enthusiasm, Renny agreed and focused on Reagan. He pointed at her. “Good. Bossy, but good.”

Shea hooted at that but swallowed hard when Renny looked at her.

He absorbed Shea’s nature. “Sweet and kind.”

Shea high-fived Reagan.

Summer waved and pointed at herself. Renny grinned and focused on her. “Warm and earthy.”

“That’s my little healer,” Sidney agreed.

Renny focused on Sidney. “Oh, good with a touch of mischievousness.”

“That’s fair.” Summer looked impishly at her husband.

Switching his gaze to Terron, Renny focused on the elf. Dark and light feelings swirled through him. “Hmm, good and bad.”

A wicked grin split Terron’s face.

Renny looked at Elana. Darkness engulfed him. Fear had his eyes popping and him spouting, “Evil.”

Elana’s face twisted into a hideous scowl. A scary, low rumbled came from her chest. She picked up her knife and threw it at Renny. He watched in shocked surprise as it cut through the air at a high rate of speed.

Zavier used his own powers to catch the deadly utensil in mid-air. The vampire’s eyes flashed red as he jumped to his feet. With fangs bared, he stared at Elana. “Leave before I kill you.”

She snarled and flounced from the room.

Marko took a gulp of his wine. “You guys sure know how to throw a party.”

Reagan burst out laughing. “That’s for real. I wouldn’t recommend that game again until Renny learns how to lie.” She shook with uncontained mirth. “The look on Renny’s face when Elana scowled evilly at him was priceless. I wish I’d taken a picture.”

“Yeah, and Zavier showed major ninja skills. In a fight, I want him on my side,” Marko added excitedly.

The air in the room lighted as everyone laughed and the rest of the meal went smoothly. When the cake and fruit was served Shea wiggled in her chair excitedly.

Reagan turned to Renny and Zavier. “Shea loves cake.”

“I sure do. It should be served first. At our wedding it was.” The little elf’s eyes were gleaming beautifully.

“That’s true.” Summer nodded before taking a bite of her own cake.

Zavier looked at his cake and then at Renny. He passed his cake over to Shea. “I have other plans for dessert.”

“You just made a good friend, Zavier.” Reagan nodded knowingly as she gave Shea half of her own cake.

After licking her lips and moaning, Shea agreed. “Renny, your mate is the best.”

“I know, but thanks anyway.” Renny’s heart felt like mush as he looked around at his new family. Three of them were quickly taking special places in his heart. He popped a grape into his mouth and Zavier growled next to his ear. A shiver chased down his spine and heated his groin.

“I like you fresh and sweet.” Zavier growled into Renny’s ear again.

“You two are making me hot.” Marko was looking at Renny and Zavier.

“Yeah, you two are hot. I need to get Summer to our room.” Sidney rose from his chair and pulled his wife to her feet.

“Shea’s groaning isn’t helping, either,” Renny pointed out.

“I’ll take care of her.” Reagan grinned at her mate.

Marko shook his head. “Terron, you want to go out babe hunting?” His gaze moved over the couples and then back to his cousin. “I’m guessing these guys are about to desert us.”

Terron smirked. “I’m thinking you’re right. I could prowl the clubs for a while.”

“Let’s meet in the hotel restaurant in the morning and have breakfast before Summer and I have to leave. How does nine sound?” Sidney asked as he looked them all over.

“Sounds good.” They all nodded and headed out of the dining room.


* * * *


Zavier couldn’t wait to get Ren into their suite. After the incident with Elana, he needed some serious bonding with his mate. The beast in him had desperately wanted to kill her. That wouldn’t have looked good. Marko and Reagan were great at lightening the mood. Since killing was out of the question, his wild side needed to take its mate.

“I need you.” He growled the words just to make Ren shiver. He loved to watch his mate’s response to even the smallest of intimate gestures.

“You can have me anytime. How do you want me?”

“With flavored lotion and then waterproof lube. Go to the top drawer of the nightstand and pick out a lotion and the lube. Once that’s done I want you to strip.” Zavier went into the bathroom and started the water in the jet tub. He didn’t turn it on full-blast because he planned on heating his mate up before they made it into the bathroom. When he was happy with the temperature and speed of the water, he walked out of the room.

Renny had been busy. The little guy must be as horny as he was. He watched as Ren flung his socks off and then jerked his pants and briefs off. The clothes were tossed on top of Ren’s shoes and shirt.

His erection hardened a bit more at the sight of his mate’s slender, muscular frame. The guy turned him on like no other. Ren’s eyes locked with his own. The golden flecks were glowing. Tonight was going to be fun.

Walking into the room, he stopped in front of his little elf. Without taking his eyes off his mate, Zavier undressed. He pointed at his jutting erection. “Put lotion on it.”

Ren grabbed the lotion and opened it with slightly shaky hands. Oh yes, my mate is eager and more than ready to be fucked. The scent of strawberry cheesecake rose up to his nostrils. That flavor mixed with elf was going to be delicious. First, a little teasing had to be done.

He touched his mate’s shoulder and pushed downward. Ren dropped to his knees and looked up at Zav. What a beautiful view. “Rub it in good.”

After spurting some crème out of the tub, his mate started massaging the scented stuff into his cock. It took everything he had in him to stand still and act like he was unaffected for the first minute of the massage. He didn’t want his elf to know how much power the guy had over him. Zavier was not the submissive in this relationship.

“Now rub it on my balls,” he demanded and smiled inwardly when Ren shivered and hurried to do as he was told. When Ren’s hands started caressing his sensitive globes, he couldn’t suppressed a quiver of pleasure. The man had great hands. Ren was awesome at caressing with just the right amount of pressure to stoke a strong lusty fire. He trembled when his mate leaned in closer and was about to lick the crown of Zavier’s cockhead.

Not wanting to blow his load just yet, he ordered, “Stand and rub the flavored lotion into your own cock. Make it a good show.”

“As you wish.” Ren squirted out another glob of the sweet-smelling edible lotion and slowly started rubbing into his engorged flesh.

Over and over Ren’s hand went up and down his own pulsing length. Zav longed to push Ren down and eat him out. He took a calming breath and just watched. Ren’s fingers went lower and circled his sac. A grin curled his lips when Ren jiggled his own balls and moaned from the pleasure of it.

He soaked in the sight of his little elf enjoying his own touch for a few more minutes. When he noticed the vessels in his mate’s cock start to throb wildly, he shook his head. “Suck me.”

Hiding a grin, Zav pretended to ignore Ren’s lost puppy stare. “Get to it.” The longer Ren had to wait for his own release the stronger it was. Being so innocent the elf didn’t understand that yet.

Ren once again dropped to his knees. His mate leaned in toward Zavier’s erection and sniffed. The elf moaned and then licked the pre-cum off of Zavier’s heated flesh. He looked at the ceiling and tried to knock his lust down a notch. A soft, wet touch to his sac had him groaning and diving his fingers into Ren’s hair.

The muscles in his abdomen tightened when Ren started licking all the edible lotion off of his nuts. He endured the torture for a couple of minutes and then dragged Ren’s face up and over his cockhead. A shudder rippled through him when his mate latched on to his crown and started sucking. Moaning loudly, Ren flicked his tongue over the ridge of Zavier’s aching tip.

“Fuck!” Zavier shouted as he pressed Ren’s head tighter to his body and came down his mate’s throat. He shuddered as he continued to rock into his elf’s sucking mouth. The beast in him roared.

In a haze of passion, he pulled out of Ren’s mouth and took his elf to the bed. “Spread your legs and then stay put.” Zavier went to the bathroom and turned the water off and the jets on.

Returning to the bedroom, he walked over to the bed and stared down at his obedient mate. Grabbing the waterproof lube, he opened it and squeezed out a good amount onto Ren’s dark star. His mate shivered and moaned. As Zav slid a finger into Ren’s tight tunnel, he licked the man’s cock. Ren plus sweet flavored crème washed over his tongue.

He wanted to go crazy eating like a staving man, but he didn’t want Ren to come yet. With controlled precision, Zavier slid a second finger into Ren’s delightful ass and licked the man’s shaft. As his loosened his mate, he steered clear of Ren’s hot spots. The beast in him begged to be freed. It wanted to sink its fangs into one of the plump vessels that weaved through Ren’s hard shaft.

“Please, Zav.” Ren panted loudly and started shaking in need.

Since it had been an emotional day for the little elf, Zav chose to give in.


* * * *

Renny was going to die if Zav didn’t allow him to come soon. His heart started pounding in his chest when his vamp slid his fingers free of his ass and pulled him off the bed. Zav led him to the tub and guided him into it. He squirmed when Zav positioned him so that a jet of water was blasting across his throbbing cock. He was so close, each wave of water drew him closer to the pinnacle he sought.

Zav’s big body slid in behind him. Desire stabbed as his balls when the delicious vamp sniffed his neck and then kissed it several times.

In a passion roughened voice, Zav asked, “Are you ready for my cock to fuck your sweet little ass?”

“Yes, fuck yes!” He gasped when Zav rubbed his spongy crown over his eager hole and then pushed in just enough to tease.

Ren pushed back and Zav chuckled. “So eager, so ready.” The vamp tightened his grip on Ren’s hips and started sinking deeper with each thrust.

The silky steel filling him had Ren moaning and clenching his muscles. Zav groaned and pressed in all the way. Locked in place, Ren cried out as warm water continued to blast over his sensitive cock while a warm dick tunneled in and out of his ass. He tightened his whole body and Zav growled into his ear.

A moment later, fangs sank into his neck. He screamed as his body shuddered violently and shot his creamy load into the jet current. Being held in front of the water stream caused him to whimper as his over-sensitive flesh was forced to endure the strong caress as Zav plowed into his ass.

Zav growled and drew from Ren’s neck again. The vibrations along with another push of pleasure had Ren jerking as golden stars danced before his eyes. His seed shot from his body again. He trembled and cried out in bliss. The fluttering of his inner muscles must have helped Zav for the vamp cried out and his body stiffened. Hot released filled Ren as his vamp came.

He sighed when Zav pulled him away from the jet and back into a seated position. Zav was sitting on the tub’s seat with his semi-erect flesh still buried in Ren’s body. That was fine with him. He loved being connected to his mate. Zav licked his neck causing Ren to shiver.

As his mate wrapped his arms around him, Ren started to relax in the warm swirling water. “Thanks for being there for me today?”

Zav licked over Ren’s neck and then squeezed him lightly. “I’ll always be there for you.”

Love for his mate heated his chest. “I really liked Reagan, Shea and Marko. Except for Elana, I like the rest of my cousins as well. Something in me was drawn to the other three though. Did you like them?”

“Yes. I’m glad you felt close to those three. They were my favorites as well. We’ll have to invite them to the house sometime.” Zav kissed Ren’s shoulder and sighed contentedly.

He opened his senses and soaked up the love Zav was projecting. The lost orphan he’d been was just a past memory. With Zav, Reagan, Shea, and Marko, Renny knew he’d never feel lonely again.

The End

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