The Romance Convention 2012

Awesome! I had a blast at TRC 2012! It was fun meeting so many sweet people. Check out my pics!

Cool people who came to the convention!

Sweet poster =)

Gale and me 😛

Gale Stanley, Me, and AJ Jarrett at the bar!

Gale Stanley, Diana DeBalko, and me 🙂

Peyton Elizabeth, Gabrielle Evans, and Joyee Flynn!

Melody Snow Monroe, Corinne Davies, Heather Rainier, and me 🙂

Lara Santiago!

Gale Stanley, Lara Valentine, and Alicia White!

Dixie Lynn Dwyer, me, and Willa Edwards!

Our table! Corinne Davies, me, and Nicole Dennis 🙂

Joyee Flynn, Gabrielle Evans, and Stormy Glenn!

Morgan Ashbury, me, and Tymber Dalton!

Me and Cooper McKinzie 🙂

Kris Cook and Shayla Black!

More nice people who showed up!

Reece Butler setting up her table!

I like this lovely lady’s hair 🙂

Us having a good time!

Rana and me. I loved her shoes!

Cassidy Browning with some sweet convention

goers. She makes pretty jewelry and co-writes with her husband!

Convention goers!

Lovely people signing in!

More sweet people!

Convention’s getting rolling now!

Kathy, winning one of my books. She’s very nice!

Bri, chatting with us!

More lovely people!

No more of those chocolatetinies! AJ Jarrett and

I look like we are about to turn into shifters!

Several of us hanging out in the bar 😉

Yep, we are still in the bar!

Tymber, Cooper, Dixie, and Peyton 🙂

Morgan sitting between Heather and Richard!

Gale and I outside the hotel 🙂

Me, and Mr. Dakota Dawn =)

Us, one more time! We had a Blast!!!!

Hope we have another convention in the future!

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