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Freaky Friday

Happy Halloween!

Dangerous man

I think Detective Orrick Sterling could have used this guy’s help!

Here’s what can happen when you try to catch a fay.

He needed a break in this case. There was nothing he hated more than a cold-blooded killer. The victims had all been strangled, but from the coroner’s report, the strangling was happening post-mortem. The murderous fay was probably feeding off the human’s souls and trying to make it look like a serial strangler was catting around killing people.

This fay was good. So far, no evidence was left behind other than a miniscule trace of fay dust. Not about to give up, Orrick ran the beam of light over a larger area. Just outside of the room, the light shone on something golden. He walked over and slid the item out from under its hiding place beneath a three-tiered plant stand.

He spoke the magical words again. A grin curled his lips as he stood. While the button continued to glow, someone entered the room. Surprise transformed his face. The prettiest, most delicate fay female he’d ever seen stood before him. Dark gold hair danced over her glittery, light-golden shoulders. Her skin was mesmerizing. If he’d been into females, he would have been instantly ready to ride her.

She waltzed over and snatched the button from his hand. “That’s mine.” A fine-boned finger tapped her delicate chin as she looked him over. “You know too much. I can’t have the cops on my tail. Sorry.”

Orrick had the feeling that she really was sorry. That feeling didn’t help him out though. Her hand reached up and rested on his cheek. His jaw muscles relaxed and she started repeating a few words over and over. He wanted to push her away, but his muscles refused to cooperate.

Thunderstruck, he realized that his gaze was snared by hers.


Pain pounded through his head as he felt his body start to weaken.

The Detective’s Vampire Mate



Handsome pale vampire with blue eyes dri

I’m pretty sure this guy is one of Tristan’s vampire friends!

Here’s a taste of Caught by His Vampire Mate.

       Conlin squirmed under Tristan’s intense stare and yelped when the vampire growled and lifted him into his arms. Within the blink of an eye they misted into Tristan’s bathroom.

       He was released long enough for the vampire to turn the water in the tub on full blast. “Strip,” Tristan commanded roughly.

       The thought of refusing never occurred to him. There was a wild aura coming off Tristan that he’d never seen before. With unsteady hands he shed his torn, dirty clothes.

Dakota 😉

Release Day!


Vamp Mates 5 is now out!




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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal, M/M, vampires, voyeurism, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, flogging, food play, HEA]


Detective Orrick Sterling’s newest case leads him to one of the fiercest men he’s ever met, his mate.

A desperate need to go home suddenly stabs every nerve in Drake’s body. Something is wrong on a level he’s never experienced before. Drake quickly mists home. A fierce tingling circles his chest as lust fires him up. He wonders if there is a siren in his house. Hearing voices coming from a guest room, Drake heads that way. The sight of a man in a hoodie causes the beast in him to rear up. With feral need coursing through him, Drake advances on his mate.

When a golden-fay tries to kill Orrick, Drake’s beast roars in rage. As soon as he finds her, the fay will die for her actions, just like any other person that threatens his mate.

Attinie’s more determined than ever. Paranoia has the Roseanthian stepping up her game.

Dark forces and dangerous cases come at Orrick and Drake from all sides. It’ll take a lot of magic and muscle to save them.


Dakota ;)~



My latest book, Mairig’s Scary Vampire Mate, is now out!


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This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, February 19th.

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, elves, light bondage, flogging, HEA]

Mairig Tipton never expects an evil being to try to kill him, or for his heart to be stolen by an orphan and a vampire!

Caleb Wyckoff is on his way home when the urge to travel another route takes hold of him. The beast in him flies into a rage when he catches a man trying to murder his newly found mate. But saving his elven mate is just the beginning of Caleb’s trials. Mairig is from a group of elves that don’t believe in other species living and working together. Especially not vampires and elves.

Will Caleb be able to prove to Mairig’s people that not all vampires are vicious killers? Attinie is back and she doesn’t like Mairig at all. Will Caleb and his brothers be able to protect Mairig from the evil Roseanthian?

Note: This book contains graphic violence.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Swing by and check it out.

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