The Most Exquisite Gift

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5 NYMPHS: “This book is a beautiful look at a woman who is curious about BDSM, but really hasn’t taken that step. Dara is a very strong woman with her own business, but has always wanted what her friends have. Garner has trained a lot of subs, but has been looking for his ‘soul mate’ because of how happy his friend Bryan is. The author kept you emotionally involved throughout the book. I could not put it down once I started reading it. Dara and Garner have explosive chemistry together so keep ice handy. Part of Dara’s journey was to learn that once in a while, a Master may share his sub with a very close friend, in this case Pete.I actually wanted to slap both Garner and Pete because of how they started treating Dara while they were all watching TV. Dara actually reacted very mildly compared to how I would have reacted. The secondary characters added an element of uncertainty and angst for Garner, until the morning of his birthday. This is a book I will be reading again.” — Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 STARS: “A true romance, THE MOST EXQUISITE GIFT is short and sweet like a cupcake. Readers will be satisfied but still left wishing there was more to read about this budding couple. Descriptive sex scenes were like the frosting on top of the cupcake – adding to the story without overpowering the true message.” The Romance Reviews~Rebecca

4 STARS: “I liked The Most Exquisite Gift, especially the ending. I found Dara’s and Garner’s conflicts to be well developed, and their goals finally well meshed after a weekend of training. Garner is certainly a Dom, but he is kind and caring, and very indulgent. This is mostly a ‘how to’ of the lifestyle, which is very well explained, and illustrated. The story is cute, the writing good. If D/s is your thing, you’ll like this one.” ~Alberta~Manic Reads~


Being nice can sometimes get you tethered and begging.

Kneeling at a blond giant’s feet was the last thing Dara would have guessed she’d be doing today. A favor for a friend was quickly turning into a heated lesson in BDSM. She knew she shouldn’t stay under false pretenses, but her body wouldn’t let her leave him.

The second his midnight gaze lands on her, Garner knows he should never have let his friend talk him into training her. The dark-haired beauty arouses feelings in him she shouldn’t. Her expressive eyes draw out the protective and possessive Dom in him, and the sight of her luscious lips tell him his heart is in deep trouble. Oh yeah, she is a glitch in his well-ordered life. A beautiful, spirited glitch.

Some gifts are too priceless to ever give up.

Story Excerpt

Garner Adams growled as his eyes returned to the clock. Why had he let
his friend, Bryan, talk him into training his new sub? Actually, she was being
trained for Bryan and his wife, Nora, as their third. Bryan had asked him to
train her as if he was training her for himself. He looked at the clock again.
She was late. Fifteen minutes late already.

Minutes later her headlights flashed across his cabin as she pulled up.
Seventeen minutes late. She was already off to a bad start. Punishment was due,
and she hadn’t even gotten in the cabin yet. New subs could be such a trial.

At her knock, he took a breath and forced himself to control his
frustration. He let a couple of minutes pass before he opened the door. Her
small hand was raised and fisted—he could tell she was about to knock again.
That’s another strike against her, no patience. Pale green eyes locked with
his. Arousal like he’d never felt before crept through his veins, heating his
body. Something about her drew him to her like a magnet to a steel statue of a
sex goddess. He had an insane desire to be stuck to her forever. Mentally, he
reminded himself she belonged to his friend. She was not free. Her delicate
form could be tasted and taught, but not kept.

Getting back on track, he looked pointedly at his watch then back down
at her and barked, “You’re late.” Startled green eyes met his midnight glare.
Something strange pierced his chest at the innocent look that crossed her face
right before indecision made her full lips tremble for just a second. Damn,
that was hot. The beast in him roared— it
wanted to claim her as his mate.

The Dom in him rose steadily to the surface at the vulnerable
expression that stayed on her sweet little face. A burning need to dominate and
protect her settled deeply into his chest.

“I’m sorry. I—”

“Shush.” Garner didn’t want to hear it. And he didn’t want to have the
feelings he was having for her. Frustration at Bryan simmered in his belly, she
was way too fucking tempting, and that little bastard knew it. Taking her by
the arm, he pulled her into the cabin and closed and locked the door behind

Dara fell silent for a moment. Shaking her head as if to clear it, she
stammered, “I’m Dara DeLuna. Bryan sent me to get a gift. You are his friend,

Garner held up his hand to stop her. “Because you are new, I’m going to
answer you before we begin. Yes, I am Bryan’s friend, Garner Adams. I do have
Nora’s present, and you will be allowed to see it when we are done with your
training.” Folding down two of his fingers, he moved the other three to get her
attention. “Three. You’ve been disobedient three times already. All three are
punishable. Number one: You were late. Number two: You were impatient after
being late.” At her questioning look, he added, “When I opened the door, you
were about to knock a second time. Number three: You didn’t come in and kneel
before me. A good sub always immediately kneels at her Master’s feet.”

“Master’s feet? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Look, I
think there has been some kind of—”

“Shush. Master’s feet mean my feet. The moment you pulled onto my
property, I became your Master. You are to be trained by my standards. You are
no longer allowed to speak unless spoken to.” He watched her closely as his
words sank in. She was shocked, but she remained quiet. The question was, for
how long? “We only have two days, which means we must start tonight.” Pointing
down at the floor in front of him, he commanded, “Kneel.”

Adult Excerpt

He was so tender her heart melted. Nibbling gently, he ate at her full
lips. Time stood still. He licked and sucked at her lips until she wanted to
scream at him to take her. Fuck her. Moaning in need, she let her body lean
into his. Bound as she was, she couldn’t move the way she wanted.

“Please, Sir.” Her voice was nothing more than a breathy moan.

A light smack to her clitoris had her shivering and throbbing with even
more need.

“You are not in control. I will see to your needs in my own time.”

The depth of his voice told her he was just as turned on as she was.
Biting back more words, she totally submitted her body to him. Allowing him
control over her was a heady feeling, an addictive feeling she wasn’t sure she
could easily walk away from.

Firm lips traveled down to her ear. She cried out when he released his
hot breath into her ear, then nibbled on her earlobe. Closing her eyes, she
felt him kiss his way to her breasts.

“I love your firm tits and hard little nipples.” As if to demonstrate
how much, he sucked a tight nipple deep into his mouth and groaned in delight.

The groans coming from his throat shot hot spears of pleasure straight
to her dripping cunt. Squirming against her bonds, she mewled at the delicious
shards of pleasure/pain that wracked her body when he raked his teeth across
her nipple, then bit down gently.

An urgency was building around them, thick and sultry. Rough hands
glided over her body. Damn that felt good. His tongue lapped at her nipples as
his hands stroked up her arms then leisurely traveled down her arms, across her
back, and landed on her buttocks. She groaned when he suckled harder at her
breast and massaged the globes of her ass.

“You are so damned hot, little sub.”

Sliding down her body, he quickly uncuffed her ankles and shucked his
jeans and boxers. Her eyes widened at the sight of his thick, long cock. Giving
her no time to think, he picked her up as if she weighed nothing.

“Lock your ankles around my hips, baby.”

The second she did she felt the tip of his large cock probe her
entrance. Within a heartbeat, he was thrusting into her silky sheath. His cock
stretched and filled her. It pulsed with a life of its own.

“You’re so fucking tight. So wonderful.”

The soft growl in his voice heated her core and drove her closer to the
cusp of ecstasy. With every stroke of his cock she drew closer. Pulling at her
restraints, she wished she could put her arms around him. Giving up, she
snuggled her face into the junction of his shoulder and neck, then breathed in
his scent. His personal smell had her pussy clenching. Biting at his neck, she
had to taste him. Nipping and sucking, she grew more aroused. He tasted too
damned good. And his cock was long and thick, just like she liked them. Core
tightening, she gasped in ecstasy. His rod felt so good tunneling in and out of
her wet pussy.

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