Hidden Angel

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4 STARS: Hidden Angel

I’m a sucker for a story about a hot angel, and this one did
not disappoint. I loved the chemistry between the couple. Anya was a very
strong female and totally likeable. Duncan was a sexy angel, no further
explanation needed! ~Vixhen~The Romance Reviews~


Anya Cleve feels deep down that something isn’t right about her. She’s different, from the wing that covers the left side of her back to her job as a sports car painting artist. The sight of her newest customer has her heart racing and makes her wish she was normal, but that’s never going to happen. What she doesn’t know is that her Papa has been keeping a secret from her all of her life.

Duncan Hart never strays from the lusty angels of his realm—until he kisses Anya, that is. She’s a temptation and a mystery he can’t figure out at first. There is definitely something deliciously different about her.

Just when he solves the enigma, she is stolen by a demon. Payback will be swift. Nobody takes what belongs to him.

But getting her back is effortless compared to telling her the truth and confessing his love.

Story Except

With a clear head, Duncan stepped into the garage the next day to see
Anya and check on the progress of the Shelby.

Watching her in her baggy clothes drove him nuts. Her body had been
slender when he’d pressed into her a few days ago. Her breasts were large and
tempting when he’d watched her dancing. He needed to see her naked, taste her,
smell her, then plunge his dick inside her until she screamed his name in sweet

Wild desire pulsed through his veins propelling him forward. No more
playing around. He needed her in the most delicious way—on her back squirming
beneath him in rapture.

Reaching out, he touched her shoulder, letting his churning emotions
take over.

She shrieked then put her sanding block down. “Joey, how many…”

Dark angry eyes locked with light blue ones. She let out a loud sigh.
“Look, I know you don’t know any better, but don’t ever touch me when I’m
working. It makes me madder than the bull Diablo was named after. If I’d been
painting right now, I wouldn’t be this nice.”

Duncan frowned and concentrated on getting his mental message through
to her. She tried to break his hold. He tightened his grip and focused harder,
the beast within more determined than ever.

“You best let go of me if you want to keep that hand. I can be meaner
than a rabid dog when necessary,” she warned in a growling voice.

What was wrong with him? Why
couldn’t he get through to her? His powers always worked on humans. Maybe they
still had. He didn’t use them often, but surely they’d worked. He badly needed
them to work. All he could think about was her. Her body, him inside her body,
her smile, the twinkle in her chocolate eyes.

Eyes gleaming, she looked him over. “Cat got your tongue on that one,
huh? Hang around here some more if you want. I got a lot more where that came

Ignoring her words and focusing harder, he said, “I need you to come to
my house tonight, so I can make sweet love to you all night long.” His voice
was low, comforting, and full of promise.

He watched as her eyes popped open, and her lower jaw dropped in
surprise. Wrath crossed her face turning it from surprised to menacing in the
blink of an eye. She jerked her shoulder free and turned away from him in a
rage, stomping all the way over to her red metal toolbox.

Wariness filled him as she pushed it across the floor and stopped it
just in front of him. To his amazement she stepped up on it and leaned in to no
more than a hair’s width from his nose. Damn, she was feisty, and he liked it a

She ground out through gritted teeth, “I see you’re kind of slow.

Adult Excerpt

His eyes searched hers for a long breathless moment. Knowing he was a
little large for her untried body, he asked with compassion, “Are you all

Groaning, she nodded yes then clutched his arms tightly and moved her
hips slightly.

Duncan growled softly as her hip movement sucked him more deeply inside
her now yielding body. Needing no more invitation than that, he groaned and
brought his lips down lightly upon hers. She was definitely the sweetest thing
he’d ever had. He kissed her tenderly, then hungrily with more passion than the
poets of the world could ever express. Intoxicating, her taste was ambrosia at
its best.

Slowly he moved his cock in and out of her snug little haven. She was
so wet and soft he never wanted to separate from her. His dick throbbed,
stretching her a little more with every pounding pulse-beat.

He groaned as a raging need grabbed hold of him. “You feel so good,
baby. So tight—so hot.” She thrust her hips up to meet his. “That’s it, baby.
Meet me halfway.” Clutching her hips, he buried himself into her over and over
again. Wet heat enchanted his dick, making it impossible for Duncan to think

A mist of rapture lurked near and promised that each thrust into her
tight body was one thrust closer to heaven.

“Duncan, oh, Duncan.” Not able to control herself, she cried out loudly
as her body found its sweet release in paradise’s blissful arms.

Tightening his hold on her, he whispered, “I’ve got you, baby. Let go. Fly
for me.” Her body-rocking release triggered his. The strong walls of her pussy
squeezed down hard on his thrusting cock, milking it hungrily. He growled as he
sank balls-deep into paradise. His body convulsed on top of hers as it gave up
its heavy load.

As soon as the tiny shivers stopped pulsating through their bodies, he
rolled off her to lie on the bed next to her. Their heavy breathing mingled and
whirled around the room, making his dick twitch from remembered pleasure.

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