2011 Nominee for Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book in LR Cafe’s Loop

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This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding

I could not put this book down until i finished it. I hope there are more books like this in the near future. BUY
=====CUFFS AND MORE=====
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Booked Up Reviews
Rating: 4 STARS
Reviewer: PurpleRose
Cuffs and More was a cute short story about Lane a twenty-five years old guy who owns a BDSM store but has no sexual experience himself and Perry a thirty year old who teaches couples and members, at a BDSM club…
Although this story was pretty short, you still got to hear what both Lane and Perry were thinking and actually got to feel what they felt. You could see that they each loved each other a lot and it didn’t seem to just be lusting after each other. You could also feel and see Lane’s insecurities and shyness and his need to please. The BDSM was pretty basic stuff (cuffs and flogging) and nothing too heavy which is nice for a short story.
I’d like to read more about these two and I’m giving this story 4 stars.
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Manic Reads

Rating: 4.5  STARS

Reviewer: Alberta of Manic Reads


“Dawn does a good job of describing her characters and giving them life. I especially loved the verbal sexually charged banter between Trent and Rain as they get to know each other in Sorrento, Italy.

There is a ghostly presence at work here, as someone keeps pushing Trent and Rain together. There is an old family legend that if a Cortino man licks the wrist of his true love, he will actually know she’s his forever. The specter keeps urging Trent to give Rain the licking kiss. Can he get rid of his personal demons and can the two of them sort out their differences to join the rest of the family?

Catch and Release is a cute little love story, with some pretty raunchy
sex to top it off. I liked it.”

Literary Nymphs Reviews

Rating: 4.5 NYMPHS for Catch and Release

Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

“Rain is in Italy for one of her best friend’s wedding, but came early to look for furniture for her family’s business. Trent sees Rain, but knows he will only spend a couple of days with her. Trent feels he can never love another, after seeing his former fiancé die in a car crash.

The second book in the Blessed series is a look at a man that feels guilt by being still alive while his true love is dead. Catch and Release is his motto. The feelings that the author gave Trent are so true to life about people feeling ‘survivor’s guilt’ for living when a loved one dies. The feelings that surface when he is with Rain confuse him.

The emotions that both Trent and Rain have will draw you into the story and keep your interest. The angst the author creates in both will make you wonder how they will ever get together. I liked how the author slowly showed you how the blessing started manifesting itself to both.

A few new secondary characters show up, especially in one scene that could be termed very light BDSM as well as voyeurism. This series should be read in order to get the full benefit of knowing what happens within the Cortino family, regarding the blessing. I am looking forward to reading about the other members of the family as they find their true love.”

Reader Reviews 

This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding
loved it. BUY
Reviewed by: jesmin (Date: 09/25/2011)


Professional Reviews

Literary Nymphs Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: “Blessed Times Two is a wonderful story of family traditions and legends passed down from generation to generation, as well as a coming-of-age type story. I liked the way the author used a legend about a fisherman with a new twist. I had to laugh at the test used though but once the entire legend is spelled out, it makes a lot of sense. Branda is overcoming an attack and is very self-consciousness about her looks. The author wove a lot of angst about her looks, her family and her experience into the story to show why she acts the way she does. Branda could be an every day woman that is smart, business savvy, but very self-conscious about appearances, while trying to bury emotions. She could be any one of my friends, for that matter. Trey and Troy are ecstatic, once they discover Branda is their true love. The men come from a family that welcomes new members into the fold, with no questions asked. This family also has a lot of traditions to help welcome Branda that I absolutely loved and, if possible, would like to incorporate some into my own family. Be warned that the chemistry between the three is hot. There are a few very tense moments that make your heart pound and make your mind race about where this is going. With the help of family and friends, everything gets resolved. The love of family and friends comes through very clearly and I will be reading this one again.” — Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

Reader Reviews

This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding

Excellent Book.  I’m hoping that there is another one soon.  It made me hot, it made me sad and it had me laughing.  I’d love to see one for Gaven, Trent and Rain. BUY
Reviewed by: Jane (Date: 06/19/2011)
This reviewer’s rating: 4 – Good
Very good book. The reasoning for how they find their true love is a cute story. Will definitely read more in this series.  BUY
Reviewed by: Missy (Date: 07/10/2011)
This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding
Dakota Dawn did it again..I couldnt put this one down..I hope its a series I want to hear more of branda,Trey and Troy!  And what is Gaven’s story? Who is Trent gonna find?  and does Branda and Trey and Troy start a family?  Come on girl I want more! BUY
Reviewed by: Barefoot Okie (Date: 06/26/2011)

Professional Reviews

 Literary Nymphs Reviews

5 NYMPHS: “This book is a beautiful look at a woman who is curious about BDSM, but really hasn’t taken that step. Dara is a very strong woman with her own business, but has always wanted what her friends have. Garner has trained a lot of subs, but has been looking for his ‘soul mate’ because of how happy his friend Bryan is. The author kept you emotionally involved throughout the book. I could not put it down once I started reading it. Dara and Garner have explosive chemistry together so keep ice handy. Part of Dara’s journey was to learn that once in a while, a Master may share his sub with a very close friend, in this case Pete.I actually wanted to slap both Garner and Pete because of how they started treating Dara while they were all watching TV. Dara actually reacted very mildly compared to how I would have reacted. The secondary characters added an element of uncertainty and angst for Garner, until the morning of his birthday. This is a book I will be reading again.” — Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

Dark Divas Reviews

Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Jae!

Jae’s Review:

“I thought the premise behind The Most Exquisite Gift was ingenious… or maybe it was execution of the idea that was so nice. Dakota Dawn does an outstanding job of making a questionably believable plot into a fun, enjoyable, engrossing storyline.

The fun starts on page one and doesn’t let up. I was constantly wondering what would happen next. The sexual and sensual scenes do a lot to
drive the story forward as you might imagine from the blurb, but the emotions of the characters come shining through. I felt a part of both Garner and Dara’s thoughts throughout and it was fascinating to see the processes they went through to get to their happy ending. I look forward to more books by Dakota Dawn.”

The Romance Reviews

Book Reviewed by Rebecca

[ Review Posted: Sep 26, 2011 ] – Seeall my reviews

“A true romance, THE MOST EXQUISITE GIFT is short and sweet
like a cupcake. Readers will be satisfied but still left wishing there was
more to read about this budding couple. And while they enjoy the BDSM
lifestyle, the author ensures readers see the relationship as foremost

Set up by her friends, Dara drives out to Garner’s home believing she is
picking up a gift. But to her surprise, she’s treated to a hot lesson in
BDSM. She never expected to be kneeling at a man’s feet and she’s certain she shouldn’t do so under false pretenses, but her body wouldn’t let her leave him. Dara is a strong character, willing to experiment but maintaining her personality in the experience.

Unlike Dara, Garner knows he’s being sent a new submissive who wishes to be trained. Having shied away from new subs, he only agrees because Bryan is his friend and has made this special request. Then when Dara brings out the protective and possessive Dom in him, he begins to wonder if this may be more than training. Dara turns his structured life on its side but it’s when he introduces her to another Dom as part of her training that teaches him the
most important lesson… some gifts aren’t for sharing.

While I enjoyed the author’s straightforward writing style, the dialogue was
awkward, not written in a conversational tone. But the characters’ actions,
more than their words, spoke to their budding relationship. Descriptive sex
scenes were like the frosting on top of the cupcake – adding to the story
without overpowering the true message.”

Manic Reads

Rating: 4 STARS

“I liked The Most Exquisite Gift, especially the ending. I found Dara’s and Garner’s
conflicts to be well developed, and their goals finally well meshed after a
weekend of training. Garner is certainly a Dom, but he is kind and caring, and
very indulgent. This is mostly a ‘how to’ of the lifestyle, which is very well
explained, and illustrated. The story is cute, the writing good. If D/s is your
thing, you’ll like this one.” ~Alberta~Manic Reads~

Reader Reviews
This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding
Loved this story! I wouldn’t mind being trained by this Dom. Hot,hot,hot!  BUY
Reviewed by: glitter (Date: 06/22/2011)
This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding

A little on the predictable side but a great BDSM beginner read… BUY
Reviewed by: RachelTheReader (Date: 07/10/2011)
This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding

A very touching story where two people one a Dom and the other not sure if she is a sub come together and find happiness.  Both of them think they only have a few days together, till their friends reveal they set them both up. Excellent reading from start to finish. BUY
Reviewed by: sarki (Date: 08/10/2011)
=====HIDDEN ANGEL===== 
Professional Reviews
The Romance Reviews

4 Stars: Hidden Angel

“A sexy, angelic romp of astral proportions.

Anya Cleve has always felt different. She grew up believing that her only
purpose in life was to work with her father, Tim, and brother, Joey, in their
car restoration business. When Anya and Joey are hired by the mysterious Duncan Hart, she finds herself fiercely attracted to him. She finds it harder to concentrate on her work, especially when Duncan lets her know that the feeling is mutual.

Duncan is a lusty angel who finds nothing wrong with
releasing a little pent up sexual tension the old fashion way. However, he is
not prepared for the head over heels lust he feels for Anya. As their passion
ignites, Duncan is shocked to discover that Anya is just a little more special
than he realized. Unfortunately, a dangerous presence from Anya’s past is about to make their lives a living hell, and it’s up to Duncan to make sure this doesn’t happen. But can Duncan save the woman he loves, without scaring her away with the truth that he needs to tell her?

I’m a sucker for a story about a hot angel, and this one did
not disappoint. I loved the chemistry between Anya and Duncan. Their sizzle
factor was off the chart. Ms Dawn has a gift for writing sexy scenes that will
have you reaching for something cool to drink. I loved it that Anya was a
“gear head” who had to teach Duncan all about cars. Anya was a very
strong female and totally likeable. Duncan was a sexy angel, no further
explanation needed!

This book worked for me up until part where the Cleves met the angels. I
understand that it’s a paranormal story, but there has to be some kind of
realism thrown in every now and then. That whole section was a just a little
bit cute and pat for me. I wish the book had been longer so that the reader
could get sense of the angel realm. I also wanted Anya to spend more time with the villain, whose time was way too short in this story. All in all this was an enjoyable, sexy read.” ~Vixhen~The Romance Reviews

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