Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas was a damn good psychological romance! I kept turning the pages to see what the hell was going to happen next! If you like Master/slave stories with some dubious consent you might want to check this one out. Right now it’s only 99 cents.  #goodreads #mustread #ebooks

Hide to Stay Alive (Club Release 1)

Whew! It’s finally out!


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Year: 5005

~ Hallie Mead ~

Earth is a mess.

I travel around the woods looking for food and for the safest places to stay. I’m quite good at both. The pecan grove I’ve found is by far the best place I have seen on this ailing world.

The sight of a suspicious cloud ends up altering my life forever. I should have listened to my gut, but I didn’t. When something drops from the cloud, I run for my life. Unfortunately, I don’t run fast enough. I feel a sting in my leg and then my stomach churns as my vision dims.

The sight of bars has me blinking a few times and then covertly looking around. I silently scream when I realize I’m in a cage.

~ Din Zar TocGar ~

Now that we have what we came to Barpol for, we are heading back to the spacecraft. A loud commotion from the sell-block nearby piques my interest. Have these aliens found something of great interest or is it just another fight among bestial beings?

I scan the rough crowd until my gaze lands on her. My heart pounds wildly as she gains my full attention. I’m not leaving this planet without the little human. She is mine to take care of—mine to protect.

Still at it!

Whew! Sweating bullets! I’m still working on my latest series Club Release. Making a few changes in my style, so it’s taking a bit of time. Here’s a photo to keep us all going!

intimate moments

Happy Holidays!

I’m steadily working on my newest series. The first story should be out in Feb. or March 2015! Hot Aliens! Yay!

Here’s some eye candy for all of us. He’s not a tall, hot alien but he is worth looking at…and looking at 😉

noel or santa claus sleeping in a barn christmas

Avenging His Vampire Mate

Whoot! Avenging His Vampire Mate is out at BookStrand!

Avenging His Vampire Mate (MM)

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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, caning, sex toys, HEA]

While on a case, Detective Oswin Sterling’s world is shattered and changed forever.

Vampire Yarom Thorpe is released from an enchanted state he’d been forced to endure for over sixty years. His rescuer turns out to be his mate, Oswin Sterling. Unfortunately, his mate is suffocating under the weight of intense mourning and anger.

Passion and tempers flare as Yarom strives to recover. He is consumed with the need to thoroughly claim his mate and to kill Attinie.

The sadist in Yarom stirs victoriously when it realizes that Oswin needs a little pain to keep him grounded. His dominant side firmly takes control of Oswin and leads them both to a euphoric state of satisfaction and love.

Attinie of Roseanthia is pissed beyond words when her favorite servant is taken. She turns her rage on innocent people and then on the group that invades her property. Attinie’s strongest enemy will die or she will.

A Siren Erotic Romance