Catch and Release blessed 2

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Catch and Release is book two of the Blessed series.

Professional Reviews

4.5  STARS: for Catch and Release

Dawn does a good job of describing her characters and giving them life. I especially loved the verbal sexually charged banter between Trent and Rain as they get to know each other in Sorrento, Italy. Catch and Release by Dakota Dawn is a cute little love story, with some pretty raunchy sex to top it off. I liked it.” ~Alberta~Manic Reads~

4.5 NYMPHS for Catch and Release

“The emotions that both Trent and Rain have will draw you into the story and keep your interest. I am looking forward to reading about the other members of the family as they find their true love.” ~Literary Nymphs Reviewer:~Amazon Nymph


Trent thinks he’s going crazy when an unseen force starts haunting and taunting him, pushing him closer to Rain every day. He knows he should leave her alone. The past tormented him almost daily. She deserved
better, but he couldn’t resist the fierce urge to be near her.

Rain wanted to slap herself silly for lusting after an off limits man. Correction, off limits sex-god. Dating friend’s kin is a big no-no. Too bad Trent is her best friend’s brother-in-law. While Rain fights her feelings, a mysterious force keeps whispering to her heart ‘he’s the one.’

As Rain Ramsey and Trent Cortino fight their destiny, the blessing on the Cortino family kicks into gear and makes sure the couple gets the message. From whispered words in their ears and hearts to Trent’s own personal rain cloud, the blessing won’t stop until its job is done.

Story Excerpt

Rain took a drink of her lemonade and looked out at the waves that
wrinkled the Bay of Naples.

The wind blew in from the bay, picking up strands of her strawberry-blonde
hair. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the wind in her face.

“Don’t you know a tourist should never close their eyes?”

Rain’s eyes flew open then widened. A sex god was sitting at her table.
He must have had ninja skills because she hadn’t even felt him sit down. Her
blue eyes took in his fiery green eyes. A boyish smile crossed his lips and
brought out the most amazing dimples.

The hottie wanted to play. She was in the mood to humor him. “If a
tourist can’t shut their eyes, how are they supposed to sleep?”

He smiled as he answered her question. “With a protector, of course.”

Her lips twitched, and with great effort she held back the laughter
bubbling up inside her. “And where would I find one of those?”

His eyes gleamed mischievously. “I just happen to be one.”

Rain took a drink of her lemonade then pinned him with her serious,
business, give me your best deal
stare. “How do I know you’re not a thief who is trying to find out where I’m
staying so you can steal from me the second I fall asleep?”

He stared into her eyes. His tone was wickedly naughty. “You could use
me as a mattress.”

Laughter burst from Rain’s lips. “You are a smooth one—But, if I sleep
on top of you, how could you protect me from thieves? I’m no lightweight. I may
crush you. At the very least my weight would put your arms to sleep. Therefore
making it impossible for you to protect me from villains.”

His eyes slashed down her body. “To me you are a lightweight, a very
curvy, delicious-looking lightweight. It would be an honor to protect you while
you slept in my arms.”

Once again laughter poured from her mouth. “I like you. You’re smooth
and witty.”

His green eyes strayed to her lips. “Where are you staying?” The
scrumptious male leaned back in his chair and studied her with shocking

Rain ignored the sudden moistening of her panties. “Nowhere. I sleep on
this terrace under this table every night. So you see, I have no need of a
protector because I have nothing of value to steal.”

Hot eyes scorched over her fuller lower lip. “You have much value. It
would be a crime for such a beauty as yourself to sleep under this table. Would
you like me to find you a hotel room?”

Rain looked at her watch. “That’s sweet, but not necessary. I have a
room with a protector up front.” After drinking the last of her drink, she
looked at her list then back at the handsome man sitting across from her. “It
was nice to meet you, but I have to get back to work.”

The tall, godlike male looked pained. “Where do you work?”

“All over the world.” With a wink, Rain stood and walked away. She
frowned at the heavy feeling that pressed down on her heart. What was wrong
with her? Why did she feel like she was leaving a part of herself behind?
Forcing one foot in front of the other, she went to the next shop on her list.

** * *

Trent watched her walk away with a sinking feeling in the pit of his
stomach. A strange need to follow her urged him to his feet. Just as he stood,
his phone rang. Looking down, he saw it was the hotel. He had to answer it. The
family business was weighing heavily on his libido at this moment. “Cortino.”

Adult Excerpt

Stepping into the hotel elevator, Rain was so depressed and missing
Trent that she pushed the wrong button and had to ride the elevator all the way
up before she could go down to the ground floor. It had been two long,
torturous days since she’d seen him. Leaning against the plush wall, she moped
as she waited. The elevator stopped on the top floor. Figures. That’s how her
day was going. All she wanted to do was go to the café and see if Trent was
there. Twisting the ring on her index finger, she stared at it as the doors
opened and someone entered the small space.

“Looks like fate has spoken.”

She’d know that heavenly voice anywhere. Snapping her head up, she
replied, “So it would seem.” Emotions pinging all over the place, Rain felt her
body heating up, wanting him. She licked her lips and ran her eyes down the
length of his powerful frame. I can do
this. I can be more sexually aggressive, take what I want. I just won’t get
attached to him. I’m older now. I can handle it. Sex without strings. Wet, wild
sex without strings.

Pussy wet and demanding, Rain let her sexual organs think for her.
Pushing Trent up against the wall, she rubbed her body against his. Reaching
up, she ran her fingers through his soft hair and pulled his lips down to hers
then devoured him. She vaguely registered him feeling around on the wall then
pushing a button making the elevator stop.

A feeling of rightness, of being home, whipped through her body. His
hands cupped the back of her head as if he feared she would withdraw. Running her
hands over his chest and shoulders, she relished the feel and taste of him. So
masculine, so strong. Tugging his shirt out of his pants, she slid her hands
under it and gloried in the feel of his hard flesh. His rippling muscles danced
beneath her questing fingers.

Trent moaned and moved his lips in a scorching trail to her ear. He
nibbled at the shell, and his harsh breath burned a path to her nipples and
clitoris. Needing him desperately, she unfastened his pants and pulled out his
huge cock. The plum-shaped head was perfect. The shaft was thick and long.
Going to her knees, she sucked him into her mouth. He tasted salty and manly.
She mmmmmed in delight. He groaned
and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Fuck, that feels good, babe.” He slowly thrust his hips forward and
back, easily fucking her mouth.

The pulse in his dick intrigued her. It throbbed out a wild beat.
Grasping the base, she gently held him as she lapped at the tip. His moans
filled the small space, and his hands tightened on her head. A tremble shook
his pelvis when she pursed her lips, tilted her head, and slid unhurriedly up
and down the length of his responsive cock.

The passion that poured off him had her pussy clenching and gushing in
readiness. She couldn’t take it anymore. She needed him now. Kissing her way
quickly up his body, she unfastened her pants and pushed them and her underwear
off. Their lips met, and she let him devour her mouth for a minute then pulled
him down to the carpeted floor. Straddling his large cock, she guided the plum-shaped
crown to her dripping entrance and sank down slowly.

He moaned and bucked under her. His thick dick pushed and stretched her
inner walls, filling her up to capacity. They both groaned when she was fully
impaled by him.

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