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4.5 NYMPHS: “Blessed Times Two is a wonderful story of family traditions and legends passed down from generation to generation, as well as a coming-of-age type story. I liked the way the author used a legend about a fisherman with a new twist. I had to laugh at the test used though but once the entire legend is spelled out, it makes a lot of sense. Branda is overcoming an attack and is very self-consciousness about her looks. The author wove a lot of angst about her looks, her family and her experience into the story to show why she acts the way she does. Branda could be an every day woman that is smart, business savvy, but very self-conscious about appearances, while trying to bury emotions. She could be any one of my friends, for that matter. Trey and Troy are ecstatic, once they discover Branda is their true love. The men come from a family that welcomes new members into the fold, with no questions asked. This family also has a lot of traditions to help welcome Branda that I absolutely loved and, if possible, would like to incorporate some into my own family. Be warned that the chemistry between the three is hot. There are a few very tense moments that make your heart pound and make your mind race about where this is going. With the help of family and friends, everything gets resolved. The love of family and friends comes through very clearly and I will be reading this one again.” — Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews


Branda McFalls always comes up swinging.

When twins Troy and Trey Cortino come into her life claiming she belongs to them, that she is their true love, she thinks they must have more than one loose screw. Why did these hot guys have to be crazy?

They are persistent and the heat that blazes between all three of them is irresistible. Branda’s friend assures her they are good men. Deciding it is time to make some good sexual memories she gives in to the unusual feelings of lust and contentment she feels around them.

Troy and Trey love how sassy their true love is.

She needs their love to heal her, even if she doesn’t know it. The blessing on their family gave her to them and they will never let her go. A lifetime of love and pleasure is in her future and they plan to see she gets it.

Story Excerpt

What a find!

Branda McFalls stepped into the bookstore she’d just recently
discovered. Scanning the store, she caught a movement by the register. Her
heart stopped beating, then started pounding. Standing behind the counter was
the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on. His shining black hair almost
touched his shoulders and he had the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. Her pulse
kept its alarming pace. Talk about finding something special.

His lips turned up in a predatory smile. “Can I help you find something?”

Deep dimples bracketed sensual lips. Her knees went weak. Shaking her
head, she said, “No, no, I’m just looking.”

“Let me know if you need anything at all.” His eyes slowly lowered down
the length of her body.

Feeling her face heat up, she turned and dashed behind a row of
bookshelves. After getting her breathing under control, she peered around the
row to get another peek at the hunk. He glanced up, and she hurriedly moved out
of his sight. She moved on through the bookstore until she found the romance
section. It was loaded. She was in heaven.

Choosing the less crowded aisle, she looked for her favorite author on the
shelves. Jackpot. Two new books she hadn’t read. Glancing around, she looked at
the other shoppers. Not wanting to fight with any of the other customers, she
pulled both books off the shelf as a protective measure. Flipping one over, she
read the back.

Feeling someone moving in close to her, she stepped a little closer to
the shelf, never taking her eyes off the book. She felt body heat. Looking up
slowly to the left, she saw a strong, tanned hand resting on the shelf. Her
senses went on high-alert, but she let her gaze travel from the finely-shaped
hand, up and over a well-defined forearm, across bulging biceps, and on to a
broad shoulder. Neck muscles screaming, she knew what she had to do if she
wanted to see who was in her personal space.

Slowly, she turned her body and looked up. Oh, god! It was the hunk
from behind the counter. He smelled just as good as he looked— fresh, clean scent
mixed with pure, wild, hot male.

He held up another book by the author she had in her hand. Leaning in
close to her ear, he whispered, “I see you’re interested in this author. This
book looks like it’s going to be very interesting. Would you like me to hand it
to you or would you rather I put it on the shelf?”

Glancing down the aisle, she saw another woman looking for a book. The
picture of a circling vulture popped into her head. There was no way she was
giving that book up.

Cutting her eyes back to him, she quickly stated, “I’ll take it.” As
she took the book from him she made sure their fingers didn’t touch.

Grinning wolfishly, he added, “If there is anything I can help you with
just let me know.”

Her lungs deflated the second his fine ass was out of sight. Turning
over the book he’d handed her, she blushed even brighter. Ménage. She hated him
knowing she loved to read ménage stories, but there was no way in hell she was
going to leave this book or the others behind.

An hour later, she placed five books on the counter. The hunk looked up
and smiled. Butterflies fluttered around in her stomach, doing crazy dance
moves. She wished they’d stop.

“Did you find everything you need?” His green eyes held her captive as
he asked the question.

He was perfect. Realizing she
was ogling him again, she dropped her gaze to her books and pushed them closer
to him. “Yes, thank you.”

“You must be new around here. I haven’t seen you in the store before,”
he said as he totaled up her purchases and bagged her books.

Her cheeks felt even hotter than before, and she knew she must be the
most awful shade of red. “I moved into the neighborhood a few months ago. You
have a wonderful selection.  The store
smells great.” Seeing the amount she owed on the register, she quickly pulled
out a couple of bills and handed them to him. She really needed to get away
from him. She was blabbing like an idiot, and her heart wouldn’t stop racing.

“Welcome to the neighborhood. My name is Troy Cortino. What’s your

“Branda. Branda McFalls.” Her voice quivered slightly. Reaching out for
her change, she started when he captured her hand in his much larger one. She
watched him bring her hand, palm side up, closer and closer to his full lips.
Adding a little pressure, he moved her hand downward, exposing her wrist to his
lips. The firmness of his lips touched her wrist first, and then his tongue
darted out and licked her flesh. Sinfully wicked.

A wild shudder charged through her arm and raced violently down her
spine. Twin hard peaks made a sudden appearance in the front of her soft
sweater. What the hell? Her nipples felt hard enough to cut glass. She looked
down to see if they were visible. Yep. Just what she needed, a blaring sign of
her arousal. No other man had ever stirred her heart and body the way he did.

Feeling her change being placed in her hand, Branda opened her eyes.
Green eyes bore into hers. Not able to handle his intense gaze, she lowered
hers to gaze at the counter.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but your beauty forced me to act on
instinct.” His voice was as silky as his kiss had been.

When his words registered in her brain, her brows drew together and she
questioned him. “Instinct?”

His lips curled up in a sensual smile. “Yes, instinct. Something about
you draws me to you.”

Her brows shot straight up. “You’re drawn to me?”

“Very much.”

“Oh!”  Shock slowed her brain
down but not her feet. Scooping up her bag of treasured books, she rushed out
the door.

Adult Excerpt

A smile whispered across her lips as she climbed to the middle of the

Trey followed her with the blindfold. Moving behind her, he covered her
eyes and secured the blindfold in place.

Blackness took the place of light. The scent of cinnamon hit her nose.
Her other senses kicked into gear.

Strong hands guided her down on the bed. “Trust us, tesoro mio. We will make you feel very
good. We are going to oil your hot little body down then make sweet love to
you. Relax and feel every loving touch.” Trey’s words whispered over her
heightened senses and sent a shiver of anticipation all along her nervous

Erotic. That’s the only word that came close to the sensations flowing
through her body and mind. Their hands were moving all over her body, oiling her
down and making her tremble in need. If they didn’t hurry up and enter her, she
was going to howl in rage. “Take me. I can’t wait any longer. Please.”

She felt lips tug at her nipple as her legs were spread wide. She
moaned and squirmed in their hold. Her breath hitched in her throat when she
felt the broad tip of a penis stretching her dripping entrance. Thrusting her
hips up, she felt the cock slide farther into her welcoming sheath.

A rough groan filled the room. “Oh god, Trey, she feels so damn good. I can’t wait. Get ready to
take over.”

Branda gasped when Troy lunged deeply inside her, burying his thick
cock to the hilt in her tight channel. Trey moved away from her nipple, and
Troy leaned down to take her lips in a demanding kiss. His hips ground into
hers. The oil made their bodies slide against each other in an erotic,
explosive way. Blindfolded, she could feel every slide of his skin against hers
and every thrust into her body as never before. The fire was building inside
her. She was so close to detonation. Troy rolled his thumb over her clit as his
cock stretched and filled her over and over again.

He added a little more pressure, and she cried out as she exploded into
a million pieces. Troy’s cry mingled with hers as he stiffened above her and
spilled his seed deep in her canal.

Still in a daze, she felt him retreat and then she was being filled
again. Trey had just taken Troy’s place.

Hands stroked her slick body until she felt the heat rising in her
again. His cock stroked in and out of her with slow, measured ease. Two pairs
of hands stroked and played with her nipples.

“Come for us again, darling. You are so hot when you cry out in
pleasure, your soft body thrashing on the bed beneath us.” A whimper passed her
lips as he spoke in a husky voice right next to her ear. “The fire is building
again, isn’t it? Look at how she writhes under you, Trey. So hot. So fucking
beautiful. Fuck her hard, Trey. I want to see her come again.”

Hands gripped her hips, and Trey’s large body drove into hers, making
sure to rake across her bundle of nerves with each downstroke of his hard cock.

Teeth nibbled at her ear, and she free-fell into ecstasy’s waiting
arms. Stars danced before her eyes. Her body trembled violently and she cried
out as every muscle in her body pulled taut. Blasts of pleasure burst
throughout her pelvis and shot through her body.

A low growl erupted from Trey’s chest as he shoved into her pussy as
deeply as he could, then his hard body jerked in pure bliss.

Hands reached up and removed her blindfold. Through the dim lighting of
the room, she watched as Trey eased out of her then rolled to her side for a

Troy moved off the bed and came back with a tray filled with the
crystal bowls of food they’d been given. “I don’t know about you two, but after
that, I need to replenish my strength before round two.”

“Round two? I’m so sated I don’t think I can come again. But I’m with
you on the food. I’m starved.”

“I fully believe you are quite capable of coming at least two more
times, maybe more.” She must have given him a doubtful look because Troy
continued. “I can see you don’t believe me. I look forward to the challenge.”

“If you say so. Just don’t say I didn’t forewarn you if I can’t come
that many more times.” Branda’s fingers moved to pick up some more food, and
she smiled at Troy then Trey. After popping a chocolate into her mouth she
slowly licked and sucked her fingers clean.

“Mmm, your family really knows how to eat. Everything here is
excellent,” Branda said as she picked up another piece of candy.

Troy’s dick sprang to life. “Oh yeah, we know how to eat.” Looking at
Trey, he added, “What do you say we show her a couple of new ways we like to

A wolfish grin took over Trey’s face, and a wicked gleam entered his
eyes. “I’m game. Who is going to take her first?”

“You can. I’ll hold her while you feast.” Troy’s voice was low and
exuded barely controlled desire.

To her surprise, just listening to them talk relit the fire in her

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