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Niya’s Alien (Dagrinian Love 3)

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Year 5005: Futuristic Scifi Romance! Stand alone HEA!

~Niya Fox~ Being kidnapped by aliens has my nerves jumping painfully. I force myself to keep it together because Kanda Oistin, my cage-mate, needs me. She’s my only friend here in outer space…until I see the tall muscular violet male, that is. Rylem Trillobe calls to me on a primitive level. He dominates my thoughts and keeps my blood heated with desire.

Our wills clash when he thinks I’m supposed to do everything he says without question. I was a warrior in my Earth tribe. I’m used to being an equal…not a captive. I’ll have to prove I’m honorable, but that’s nothing new to me. I will show Rylem that I’m more than his captive lover…I’m his warrior lover.

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