Long haired naked man in the forest

I think this man could help the guys out in Vamp Mates 4!

Here’s a look into Mairig’s first day at the Wyckoff house.

Joaquin bared his fangs and Mairig thought he’d faint. This place was not as safe as he’d thought. A few more men bounded into the room. They all stopped halfway across the room and sniffed the air. Their eyes zeroed in on him a second later.

He squeaked and ran through the swinging door and right into a menacing-looking man. His newly developing vampdar sense told him it was another vampire. This one was even bigger than Joaquin.

Darting past the man and toward the stairs that led to Caleb’s rooms, Mairig screamed when a transparent man appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Unable to stop, he ran right through the man.

Another scream started to erupt from him, but he clamped his hand over his mouth as he ran like the hounds of hell were after him.

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