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Her Guys is now out! *happy dancing like crazy*


Someone is watching her.

Untrained enchantress, Katarina Russalino’s dream has come true. She’s left her mask behind and is now free to pursue the men she loves, Gaven Walker and Lunn Renolds.  For years they’ve made lusty fire sing through her veins and love consume her heart.

Will a stalker kill her dreams of love and ravenous desire?

Lunn wants nothing more than Katarina cuffed and moaning between him and Gaven. Unfortunately, Gaven doesn’t trust in happily ever after for fighting men like him, but Lunn is determined to show him they can have a passionate, love filled future with Katarina.

Their protective sides rise up when Gaven and Lunn find out someone is after their violet eyed woman. With the help of a good witch, and a sarcastic cat, they may be able to save her and bind her to them for life.

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