Writing Update!

I’m back to writing Club Release 2! Took some time off to study and outline a new series. More on that later. CR 2 is long so it will take some time. This guy should be able to help me organize my notes!



Happy New Year!


Let’s make 2016 the healthiest, most productive, and funnest year of our lives!


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Hot Holidays!

Happy Holidays! These aliens are Hot but a little Rude…lol  Enjoy!  I’ll be back with a writing update in two weeks.

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Niya’s Alien (Dagrinian Love 3)

2decover-0x3_1802x2400 (1)2Niya

Only $0.99 Yay




Year 5005: Futuristic Scifi Romance! Stand alone HEA!

~Niya Fox~ Being kidnapped by aliens has my nerves jumping painfully. I force myself to keep it together because Kanda Oistin, my cage-mate, needs me. She’s my only friend here in outer space…until I see the tall muscular violet male, that is. Rylem Trillobe calls to me on a primitive level. He dominates my thoughts and keeps my blood heated with desire.

Our wills clash when he thinks I’m supposed to do everything he says without question. I was a warrior in my Earth tribe. I’m used to being an equal…not a captive. I’ll have to prove I’m honorable, but that’s nothing new to me. I will show Rylem that I’m more than his captive lover…I’m his warrior lover.

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Kanda’s Alien is now out!


Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/Kandas-Alien-Scifi-Romance-Dagrinian-ebook/dp/B013MA1VO8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1439078511&sr=1-1&keywords=Kanda%27s+Alien

B&N  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/kandas-alien-pixie-moon/1122509269;jsessionid=3AC43D9B2772E8B1FFDCF47ACF46E691.prodny_store01-va11?ean=2940150800250

Year: 5005

~ Kanda Oistin ~ Augh. I’m here for his pleasure! This alien bloke is pissing me off. If his scent didn’t set off wildfires of pure desire within me I’d tell him to nick off.

The longer I’m around the muscular alien the more I want him. This is insane. I should be fighting him not drooling over his firm plum colored flesh. When he’s not making me mad the approving look in his diamond shaped ocean blue eyes is melting my heart and making me long to be his best mate forever.

~ Klimen Trillobe ~ The fiery little human I bought to be my sesien min is doing strange things to my heart. She is navigating her way under my skin at the speed of a falling star 

The more I get to know her the harder it is to keep her in her place…naked and underneath me. If she keeps this up I may have to let her stand naked at my side.

So Close!

Kanda’s Alien (Dagrinian Love 2)  just needs a little more tweaking and it will be done!

Check out the cover!

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